Vintage Campus Videos

vintage Yavapai College videosVintage campus videos from 1983 are now posted on the Library Archives webpage.

Discover or reminisce the look and feel of the YC campus circa 1983. There are multiple videos to choose from: ride along with a NARTA officer on patrol, look into the past of the famous Gunsmithing program, share an afternoon of gold-panning with a YC student, take a Toozigoot tour, explore model rocketry. Also learn about the instructors that used to fly small aircraft all over the northern part of the state to provide class instruction to remote and rural areas. And don’t miss an account of the accredited nursing program—before scrubs were in vogue the nurses wore white dresses and nursing caps as part of their floor uniforms.

These are fun and engaging glimpses into the YC past and provide an appreciation for how the campus has developed over the years. In addition, the clothes and hairstyles are a hoot! Enjoy!

1983 Monthly Show: On Campus