March Displays

You will want to stop by the Prescott Campus Library during this month to see our new displays which include the following:

Janis Kohn Necklace - Jewelry ExhibitAdvanced Students of Chris Contos have brought their incredible jewelry for us to see. It is displayed in the glass standing case by the reading patio. The pieces include some beautiful necklaces, earrings, pendants, and a great copper and steel hammer-raised bowl by the instructor.

Students of Dana Cohn’s Oil/Acrylic painting classes have brought the results of their efforts at class assignments for us to enjoy. Maria Jones PaintingThey will be replacing some of the first pieces with more of their later pieces as the semester goes on. Our students produce some amazing pieces – you won’t want to miss seeing them.

National Women's History Month - MarchMarch is National Women’s History Month, and our rolling cart display in the library “living room” has a selection of items from our collection on various women and their accomplishments on display for you. We have many more items on the same subject that can be found by browsing our collection.


By Patsy
By Patsy