Magazine Highlight: December 2016

I always enjoy perusing the aisles of the newest magazines (Current Issues) especially around the holidays. Walking up & down the magazine aisles, in the Library Living Room, I found several magazines decked out for the holidays – with food displays & craft ideas, all filled with mouthwatering recipes! I invite you to come along as I glance through each one of them.


First stop – Better Homes & Gardens December 2016

The cover shows a craft idea of decorating with Poinsettias and a ‘note’ about their COOKIES. Peeking in, there are a lot of great recipes.

“Recipes for chocolate chip cookies are like scarves-you’re always happy to have a new one.” Dorie Greenspan, Better Homes & Gardens, Dec 2016 p.114.

<Flipping pages> WAIT, here is a tip about baking cookies in a muffin pan for perfect circles-hmm, I will have to try that! Flipping some more…WHAT?! Chocolate & Olive (Shortbread) Cookies – WOW, I’m going to have to try that recipe! (pg. 128) Oh, and another yummy recipe: Double Ginger Molasses Cookies on p. 124
Before closing the magazine, let’s look at the special insert. An interesting article “Hanukkah with Love” and some more interesting recipes-listing a few below:

• “Papa’s Brisket” insert p.3
• “Jerusalem Kugel” insert p.4
• “Olive-Cherry Bruschetta” insert p.11
• “Raspberry Mojito Punch” insert p.12

Cook’s Illustrated magazine November/December 2016

Ah, this issue features “Fuss-Free Turkey & Quick Pan Gravy” with explicit directions! <Flipping, flipping> ooooo – a great recipe for “Millionaire’s Shortbread”, I need to scan a copy & send to my email, so I can try that! Wow, the step-by-step directions they have for each recipe are great! And this issue includes some useful information about the different types of chocolate and how Cook’s Illustrated magazine uses them in their recipes.!

Next stop Country Living December 2016

Hmmm, great decorating ideas on the cover and throughout. Look at these desserts!

jollyranchercake2Peppermint Icebox Pie, p.101

•What is “Stained Glass Cake”, p.97? Oh, it’s made with melted Jolly Ranchers. I’ve got to show my co-worker! Oops, her reaction, “THAT is going to HURT! If you have ever cut your tongue on a sharp edge of a Jolly Rancher, you will not want to eat that!”

• “Apple Blossom Tart”, p.106 – WOW, that apple flower looks pretty – glad they have instructions on how to make an apple flower! (There is a photo of it on the November Issue!)

AND they have FREE Cross stitch patterns if you go online:
Here is Fine Cooking December 2016/January 2017!

They have such a great recipe index, you can take a quick look at all of the recipes that are in this issue. Oh, there is the Prime Rib Holiday Feast they are featuring this month. Mmmmm, this looks interesting: Chocolate BARK with Step-by-Step instructions!

Ok – here is Good Housekeeping, December 2016 and a “Best Cookies Ever” theme!

lemonmadeleinesLet’s see what Vegetarian Times, November/December 2016 has in their issue. Looks like one of their theme’s is “the pumpkin time of year”. Some great recipes using pumpkin like, Pumpkin Hummus, p. 68 and Pipian Mole Pumpkin Enchiladas. Plus Shepherd’s Pie & Cozy Gravy, p. 62-63. Sweet Potato Pie, Rum-Pear Cider p. 60, BBQ Mushroom Sliders p. 53; and Nut-Free “Nutella” Spread p. 46 that contains Sunflower Seeds & Coconut Oil, and cookies of course: Lemon Madeleines p.46. So many recipes to choose from! I’m getting hungry!!!

WHEW! Ah here is Prevention November 2016

You can always count on this magazine to be about health! So if you are concerned about all of the delicious food you will be eating over the holidays, you can grab Prevention for great ideas on how to enjoy the food and still lose weight with tips on exercises and being thankful to keep your body & brain healthy, plus they still offer a coloring page on the back page. Come to the Reference Desk and ask for a FREE copy, so you can color when your brain needs to take a break. Of course, they also have good recipes! Here are just a couple that look good to me:

• Pumpkin & Turkey Chili – Prevention, November 2016, p.66
• Berry Slow Cooker Oats – Prevention, November 2016, p.62

If you don’t find the issue or recipes you are looking for – be sure to check out the Back Issues to find more magazine articles.

By Barb