In the News this Week: Volcano

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Watching footage of the volcano eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii is jaw dropping. While the typical vision of an erupting volcano is a cone with lave spewing out the top, this eruption is different. The Kilauea volcano is a shield volcano (similar to Glassford Hill, which is dormant). Therefore, the lava is oozing out of cracks on the ground from the sides of the volcano.

The lava is slow moving, compared to what you may see in a Hollywood film. According to scientists, lava may seem like it is cooling and slowing down. But the heat inside keeps the lava in a liquid state. Because of this, the cooled surface can fissure and more lava oozes out. This can make lave flow predictions more difficult.

While scientists are not sure how long this eruption will last, you can do research of your own using our resources.

Geologist: The weird thing about the Hawaii eruption









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Available at the Prescott Campus Library

By Courtney