In the News this Week: Early Retirement

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As a cataloging librarian, I see a wide range of books cross my desk. Many of them are financial in nature. Some of the more popular books are about retirement. How do you save enough money? Should you invest? Lately, the topic getting a lot of attention is about retiring early.

Sure, we all dream of the day when we do not have to set an alarm, we make our own schedules and decide what we want to do on a whim. We envy those who had the foresight to stash money away and retire in their 40s, if not sooner. There is another side to retirement that we may not consider.

If you are 40 and newly retired, you are watching your friends continue the rat race. In addition, they are getting raises. They have job stability in case of emergencies. You on the other hand have lost steady income. Maybe you are bored and struggle to adjust to a different lifestyle.

Would you want to retire early? I would not complain. However, the thought of losing a steady income does make me nervous. Check out our many titles on this subject.

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