Featured Magazine: The Artist’s Magazine


Has anyone ever told you that “everyone has some artistic ability” and you thought, “Umm-NO!” Well, that was me – until I took my first art class and I was surprised at what I was actually able to do! Since then, art magazines intrigue me.

ArtistBoxThe Artist’s Magazine attracted my attention when I found several Step by Step instructions, just in one issue. Whether you are taking an art class or not, you should really check out the Artist’s Magazine to discover what you could learn to do!

You will find instructions for various media in their columns: Drawing Board, & Brushing Up, plus other articles that include:

  • artists sharing their techniques
  • the fundamentals of artmaking with tips for improving skills
  • answers to technical questions
  • history and analysis of famous works
  • a “Test Drive” column that features different artists trying out the latest art supplies
  • news & awareness of art events
  • yearly competitions for all levels
  • business advice on how to market your work
  • Classified listings of art related opportunities, workshops, etc. in the back

Yellow-NathanSawaya-500pxAll of the information shared is for many kinds of media: pen & ink, watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, colored pencils, graphic design, portraiture, and more.

Using the March 2016 issue as an example, here is what you can find:
“The Artist’s Life” column highlights artist Nathan Sawaya’s unique medium: Legos.
The “Drawing Board” column features “Pocket Sketching with Pastels”.
One of the articles has step by step instructions (photos & text) to “Make your own Pochade Box”: a portable art box. Actually one could use that box for many things!
The “Road Test” column has examples of how “Pigment-Dense, Permanent Markers” work.

You can find many other articles & “how-to’s” on their website: http://www.artistsnetwork.com/the-artists-magazine or come to the YC Prescott Campus Library: we have the Artist’s Magazine in PRINT from January, 9 years ago to current (10 years). We can make FREE copies of articles you want to take with you!

Come in, see what you can learn!

By Barb