Fast and Furious Wheels

Yavapai College Librarian and a car
Ginney reading up on how to take care of that fabulous car

Jamie Little, ESPN NASCAR Reporter, and Danielle McCormick, Discovery Channel “Turbo Expert,” team up to dispel the myth that “when it comes to cars, women should just leave it to the men” in the book Essential Car Care For Women.

This handy book includes information on …

  • How your car works, from the alternator to the tires
  • Car lingo
  • Maintenance
  • Changing a tire
  • Buying and selling your car
  • And much, much, much, much more

The text is broken up into easily digestible chunks with helpful how-to images. This book goes beyond gender and is a nice introduction to car care!

Mike hard at work with the help of our DVDs!
Mike hard at work with the help of our DVDs!

Need more in-depth knowledge on cars?  Are you a visual learner?

We have the DVDs for you!  The Prescott Campus Library has car DVDs on braking fundamentals, engine diagnosis, ignition system operation, and more!  We also have books and DVDs on motorcycle repair for you two wheeled demons out there. 😉

Stop by the Library today or place a hold on the material from home!  For those of you wanting to take it to the next level checkout Yavapai College’s Automotive Classes.


By Ustadza
By Ustadza