DVD Review: Barre Conditioning

barreIf taking a class at the gym isn’t an option for you, then home workout DVDs are a great choice. If you are unfamiliar with the Barre workout, think of it as isometric ballet. You use your own body weight to complete small repetitions. Sound easy? Think again!

The Barre Conditioning workout DVD offers two different 30 minute workouts that do not require much equipment. The first workout is called Burn and Firm. All you need is a chair to complete the low impact controlled movements. The instructor offers a decent tempo for a moderate workout. I found the music to be less than motivating, so I recommend having your own playlist ready. She also has a soothing voice, so if you aren’t into the drill instructor type, then you will enjoy her approach.

The second workout is called Lengthen and Strengthen. You will need a chair, mat and rolled up towel. This workout incorporates more yoga poses and floor work. Once again, I would recommend a personalized playlist to keep you going.

Overall, this DVD is a great way to get in some muscle training and toning in the comfort of your own home. I’m currently taking a Barre class at the Yavapai College Prescott campus. It’s my first time doing Barre, and it’s no joke! It’s intense, and at times I ask, “what did I get myself into?” However, the instructor, Iveth Castro, is firm yet entertaining and she knows what she’s doing. I think the benefit of the class compared to the DVD is you have an expert watching you and correcting your form. You may feel you are in the correct position, but your rear isn’t out and your stomach isn’t in! Whether you choose to workout at home, or take a class, I highly recommend Barre. You will be ready for bathing suit season in no time.

By Courtney
By Courtney