Display: November

Student art work from the Oil/Acrylic classes of Dana Cohn are colorful and entertaining, as usual. New pieces will be put out as they are completed during the semester. The show will run until the end of the Fall, 2016 semester.

We also have student work from Chris Contos’ beginning and advanced jewelry classes. The jewelry is showcased in the standing glass case by the reading patio, and one larger piece on the middle stack. The show is spectacular. You won’t want to miss it.


jewel2    jewel3

Fbeversor the month of November we are featuring the artwork of Calliandra Bevers, daughter of YC faculty member, Jeb Bevers. The talented highschooler has already proven she is up to any artistic endeavor. You will be delighted with her work! Calli’s work is in the standing display case near the front entrance, and on the first stack across from it.


actionTwo of the library’s staff people have brought in collections for us: Bud Garso has accumulated a large batch of action figures which we are displaying in the table top cases on the center stacks, and Kendra McEwen brought us some samples from her doll collection which are in the standing case by the reading dollpatio.







By Patsy
By Patsy