Book Review: Practical Magic

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman
Rating: 4.0/5

The Owens women have been burdened by love for hundreds of years. Sally and Gillian were not the exceptions to the rule. During childhood, they spent their days living with their three aunts, playing in the garden and being neglected by those around them for being “witches.” They spent countless nights staring through a crack in a door watching their aunts make potions and perform rituals to help women who have crumbled at the hands of love. After witnessing a rather gruesome ceremony, the sisters vowed to never let love control them. Gillian, a free spirit, left behind a trail of broken hearts. Sally, very grounded, married a wonderful man who she had two children with. When her husband met his demise, everything changed. Sally packed up the children and moved across the country and Gillian went wherever her heart decided. Years later, Gillian shows up at Sally’s door unannounced with her most recent love affair, dead in the car. It is then that the sisters have to work together to clean up this mess, break the curse, and try to live normal lives with a slightly witchy heritage. This book was captivating and shows what it is like to be magic in the real world.

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