Book Review: Instant Pot

The Instant Pot® electric pressure cooker cookbook : easy recipes for fast & healthy meals

Yes, I did it! Like millions of people out there, I bought an Instant Pot and like the writers of several blogs I had read about the Instant Pot – I was terrified to try it.
There it sat in the corner for 2 months. I was elated and terrified to use it all at the same time. I read endless blogs, watched tons of videos and bought a cookbook (we happen to own it at the YC library). Finally, I mustered the courage to use it and boy am I impressed!

Below is the first dish I ever tried – a delicious pot roast. I have since tried several recipes from the book and they have all been a success. Wonderful purchases! Be brave! Try the Instant Pot and give this cookbook a whirl!

Available at the Prescott Campus Library TX840.P7R36 2016

pot roast

By Ginney