Book Review: How To Publish Your Articles

Cover image for How to publish your articlesThis is a terrific book for anyone who has the ability to write, or has the need to get published.

How To Publish Your Articles addresses how to select and contact the right Newspapers, magazines, journals, and newsletters for your articles.

Some writers just write for pleasure and some may wish to start a career. For others publication is a requirement of their profession. The book is comprised of three parts. Part One examines the possibilities, and then explore’s the available writers’ markets explaining how they work. Part Two details a complete system of article submission maximizing your odds of receiving an acceptance, while avoiding errors that will turn off an editor. Part Three provides the nuts and bolts of the profession starting with idea development, to research and writing, to contract negotiations.

The following strategies in this book will give you the essential tools for success:

  • Maximize your odds of success
  • Create an effective submission package
  • Pinpoint the best publications for your writing
  • Follow a proven, easy-to-use seven-step system
  • Learn about new electronic outlets
  • Discover new methods to utilize your skills

I heartily recommend this book to any and all aspiring writers’ whether it’s for recreational enjoyment or professional achievement.


By Rochelle