Book Review: Growing vegetables in Drought, Desert and Dry Times

Growing Vegetables in Drought, Desert and Dry Times

I liked this book for its wonderful vegetable garden photos and ideas. This is not the typical xeriscape text. I enjoyed the many varied solutions for water conservation while maintaining that it does indeed take water to produce an organic and vibrant garden. It’s exciting and inspiring to look through a gardening book and recognize areas that look like home.

Water conservation is a permeating theme in this region and there was a bevy of information about how best to make this a reality in the garden. Grey water, rainwater harvesting, drip systems and emitters to name a few of the ideas and detailed directions. My favorite was the Olla, a Native American system that uses underground vessels (or even plastic water bottles on a smaller scale) to water without waste.

In every good garden there is good soil. There are some scientific terms about micronutrients and macronutrients but the end solution is building up your soil with compost and fertilizer. There was some pertinent information as well on wind, weather, and location to get the best yield from your vegetable patch.

There is a fairly detailed chapter on best organic seeds according to your zone. Like a walk down the proverbial candy aisle this list appeals to the dreaming, planning and plotting phase of gardening. Again, it’s such a delight to find a specialized list of veggies that are winners for our surrounding area.

Growing a garden can be challenging here in the high desert. This is a lovely, informative and inspiring read for any gardener looking to grow some lush vegetables in a dry terrain.

By Joy