Book Review: Graphic Novels

dorian yavapai college libraryThe Picture of Dorian Gray: A Graphic Novel

Occasionally, asking a young reader to pick up a classic novel can result in little to no enthusiasm. However, there is another option – graphic novels.

Slightly similar to comic books, graphic novels are more of a full length novel with comic-like illustrations. Currently, graphic novels of timeless classics are becoming available. An example would be The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. This classic is quite dark and eerie. The concepts of narcissism and power are relevant even today. For younger readers, the graphic novel provides illustrations of characters and scenes which bring the dialog to a whole new level. The depiction of facial expressions and actions make it hard not to get completely engulfed in the story.

I was skeptical about graphic novels at first, but it’s a fun and different way to discover your next favorite book.

By Courtney
By Courtney