September Display

September Displays in the YC Prescott Library

Letter Opener Contos' class

Turquoise braceletStart the semester off right by coming by to see the wonderful new displays in the Prescott Campus Library.  Chris Contos’ jewelry classes have loaned us a fantastic collection of jewelry which can be found in the stand-up display case near the outdoor reading patio.  A few pictures of some of the stunning pieces are attached.  Chris has also added a beautiful copper bowl of his to the display, and he brought us 2 of his large sculptures which are on the stack across from the display case.  A sneak peak at one of them, “Blackbird on Cattails”, a forged metal piece, is included here.

In the standing case by the front door of the library is a display of Steve Simmonds’ photographs on fireworks – Contos metal sculpturean exciting and colorful collection you’ll enjoy!

The round rolling cart in the “living room” of the library features books on women in the arts.  These books can be checked out and are only a few of the items we have right here in your library on the subject.

Dana Cohn, an instructor of Oil/Acrylic painting here on the campus, has brought in some of his current students’ work and will continue to bring new pieces as the classes progress through the semester.  This is Wire & Fiber sculpturea GREAT place to see what wonderful teachers we have here, and watch the progress of the students as they go through the semester.

Last, but not least, is a wire and fiber sculpture by Saveria Judge, who is an advanced student of Cindy DeCecco’s sculpture classes.  More to come later!





By Patsy
By Patsy