Patsy’s Art Corner: Enameled Objects

A wonderful new book entitled “500 Enameled Objects” selected by juror, Sarah Perkins, has made its way in to the collection here at Yavapai College Library, Prescott campus. The sub-head is “A Celebration of Color on Metal”, and a celebration is just what it is!

A glorious array of enameled objects by three hundred international metalsmiths and enamelist, the book demonstrates a wide variety of approaches to the art of enameling. Much of the work is what is considered wearable art, while others fall into the category of gallery pieces. Still others include art installations as well as more functional pieces.

Enameling is the art of fusing glass and metal. The book highlights contributing artists’ examples of many innovative approaches to this art.

Juror Sarah Perkins is Professor of Art and Head of the Metals Area at Southwest Missouri State University. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally and her work has appeared in Metalsmith, Ornament, American Craft and many other books as well.

For those of you interested in the making of jewelry, this book is a must-see. Come check it out!

By Patsy
By Patsy