Magazine Review: Entrepreneur

“37 Science-Proven Ways to Succeed”. Wow – don’t we all want to succeed – at something?! As I read through this magazine, I realized that there isn’t just one article about 37 ideas but it is the theme of the May 2017 issue of Entrepreneur, right down to the subject of the “Editor’s letter”.

Flipping pages, I ran across a clever 2-page spread with Behavior Elements inserted into a Periodic Table of Elements titled, The New Science of Engagement. (pg. 44-45)

On the next page, I was first drawn to the image of two men shaking hands above the headline: “How to Hack a First Impression” by Vanessa Van Edwards. I know how important the handshake is for first impressions! The handshake graphic on the opposite page, “How to Give a Perfect Handshake” breaks it down to 3 simple tricks. (pg. 47)

Have you ever had someone give you a limp handshake? A friend recalls her surprise when a man offered his hand in a handshake and it just laid there in her hand. “It was so unsettling, I couldn’t wait to get out of there”; as reported in the graphic: “…it’s deadly for rapport”.

Van Edwards shares information in her article about 4 researched skills to use when wanting to create a good first impression, based on a book she has written: “Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People” (you can check it out in our library). The reason first impressions are so important is based on a 1992 study’s conclusion that we all tend to make snap judgements within the first two seconds of meeting someone.

This issue is chock full of good advice based on research studies, some with brain changing results, including “How to Pitch”, ‘How to Move”, “How to Master the Interview” “How to Engage Online”, “How to Make Eye Contact” to name a few. Definitely worth your time to read and increase your ability to play well with others!

“Keep your hands visible, make eye contact, stand like a winner, and try nontypical conversation sparkers. That’s how you’ll turn strangers into acquaintances, acquaintances into friends, and prospects into clients. That’s how you become memorable.” Vanessa Van Edwards (p.48)

Entrepreneur, May 2017 V.45, No.4

Entrepreneur is a magazine we have in print at the YCP library & online. Click this link to find that information: Entrepreneur.


By Barb