In the News this Week: Vitamin D

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Raise your hand if you take vitamins daily. Guilty as charged. I have a few vitamins I take daily, one of which is vitamin D. my lab results showed a slight deficiency. Now my vitamin D levels are normal. So what is the problem with vitamin D?

Vitamin D is touted as a mega-vitamin that can protect against illness, prevent cancer and fight osteoporosis. The latest research says otherwise. Using vitamin D to improve musculoskeletal health and prevent illness is bogus.

Specialists say most of us get plenty of vitamin D without even trying. Just 15 minutes in the sun will boost vitamin D to a good level. Now it is time to decide for ourselves if it is worth it to keep buying and taking these supplements. Check out the latest research at our library.


Millions of Americans take vitamin D. Most should just stop









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By Courtney