In the News this Week: Comfortable Camping

Growing up, my family used to “rough-it” when camping up in the mountains. A stuffy canvas tent and a couple of cots were all we needed. As time passed and my family made a little more money, we invested in some state-of-the-art campers. One of which fell apart after a couple of uses.

It can be fun roughing it out in the woods. I’ve done it. However, I am really enjoying having a travel trailer. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like having some creature comforts whilst enjoying nature.

Looking back on some of the inventions for “glamping”, you can see the ingenuity and imagination put into these concepts. Nowadays recreational vehicles are nicer than most homes. But the early life of RVs were a little more modest. This article lays out ten different concepts ranging from 1917 to 2007.

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Ten Inventive Attempts to Make Camping More Comfortable


Available at the Prescott Campus Library

Available at the Prescott Campus Library 

Available at the Prescott Campus Library

By Courtney