In the News this Week: Carrots, evil or good?

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I tend to get frustrated with articles about what is good for you and what is not. Years ago, sources were saying that coffee is bad for you. Now that is apparently not true. Or how chocolate is bad for your waistline, but now sources claim it contains needed antioxidants. I think when it comes to vegetables, most people can agree they are healthy and pertinent to your diet.

In this article regarding carrots, I was surprised to learn how some diets bemoan carrots because of their sugar and carbohydrate content. Isn’t it better to get 5 grams of sugar from carrots rather than a mini Snickers bar?

The health benefit of carrots greatly outweigh the sugar and carb content. Carrots benefit everything from skin and eyes, to digestive health and the immune system. Read more to find out how much you should be eating, as well as the best way to prepare carrots for maximum absorption! Time to channel my inner Bugs Bunny.

Are Carrots Good for You?








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By Courtney