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There are too many weight loss trends out there to count. When it comes to carbs, there are differing opinions as to how much you should eat, what kind of carbs to eat, or maybe even eliminating carbs altogether.

A new trend making its way into the weight loss scene is carb backloading. I was hoping this meant I could eat as many carbs as possible in one sitting, but no. This approach advocates eating most of your carbs later in the day. Without getting too technical, specialists claim that insulin sensitivity is higher earlier in the day, which promotes storage of carbs in fat tissue. If you consume carbs later in the day, you promote using fat for fuel during the day.

Read the article to see if this approach to weight loss is right for you. Also, check out our resources on low-carb diets.

 Carb Backloading: Should You Eat Carbs at Night to Lose Weight?










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By Courtney

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