Fitness and Health 2014

It is that time of the year again.

We have renewed our gym membership, brought the step master out of the closet, stocked our refrigerator with healthy foods, and thrown out all the leftover Holiday candy (if any survived).

This is the year, THE YEAR that we will stick with the fitness plan! For the next few weeks we will drag ourselves out of bed to go jogging, hit the gym after work and eat nothing but raw carrots until….we crash. We will crash so hard with our fall slightly softened by the scattered sourpatch kids which missed our mouth.

We all have the best intentions but going to the extremes will most likely end up in disappointment with promises to try again next year. We need to take baby steps to make health and fitness a part of our lives and not simply the first and last date.

Start by slowly adding more healthy foods to your diet. The more healthy veggies you have the less room there is for junk. If you can get a fitness partner try taking turns making healthy meals for variety and fun. Replace one of your afternoon sodas with water or better yet fruit infused water.

Spa Water Yavapai College Library Prescott Arizona       Fruit Water Yavapai College Library Prescott Arizona

Start by walking a cool trail or even around your neighborhood. Check out one of the libraries many fitness DVDs to use at home. Join a Yavapai College fitness class if you don’t like going solo and need motivation. There are so many to choose from!

Fitness Yavapai College Library Prescott Arizona Fitness Yavapai College Library Prescott Arizona Fitness Yavapai College Library Prescott Arizona

The main goal is to avoid burnout while still reaching for the stars!

By Ustadza
By Ustadza