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Sampling Of Treasures To Be Had In YC’s Magazines & Journals!

Consumer Reports: June 2016 Issue

For that special person who has everything and/or for that person who you want to make feel extra special –

  • A toilet seat that gives a new meaning to “sitting on the throne.” These commodes sit about 2 -3 inches higher.
  • A smart toilet with a remote controlled bidet wand – starting price only $1,188. (Shucks – that loved one is worth it! ?? )
  • Or if that special person forgets to lower the lid – a “smart toilet” that has a bidet, ultraviolet light and closes the lid automatically – starting at $4,275.
  • Kohler makes a “touchless toilet,” what does that mean to you?
  • Finally, if that special person is not that special – how about a “night glow seat,” it will set you back only $50.00.

In the same issue, Consumer Reports details the variety of ways to PAIN RELIEF NOW. “An extensive toolkit of pills and practices is available to pain sufferers today. But be sure you understand the limitations – and risks- of your choice.” The article looks at lower back pain (been there), stiff or swollen hip or knee joints (got it), tension headache, (ah – that is why the throne was invented – see above), migraine, and neck and shoulder pain. ( I’m not sure about you – but after reviewing all that aches – I think I need to rest and take a nap.)

MAYO Clinic Health Letter: June 2016

Were the editors of the Mayo Letter and Consumer Reports talking to one another? The Clinic’s June issue also takes a look at “low back pain and treatment.” Some basic suggestions are staying active as possible: walking, swimming, bicycling, gentle-stretching – a day or two of rest in between (and chocolate chip cookies?). Important to keep pain medications as simple as possible and at the lowest effective dose. Ice pack or heating pad applied at 15 minute intervals (and then chocolate chip cookies?). And then the article really puts a damper on my life-style: keep stress on the back to a minimum by maintaining a “healthy” weight. Ok- I’ll eat only half a chocolate chip cookie at each sitting.

New England Journal of Medicine: June 30 issue


I know – you’re going to say – too scientific – I’ll skip this one – but NO – this is a must read –
PERSPECTIVE article – “Saving the World’s Women from Cervical Cancer.”
MALARIA vaccine – fails seven-year efficacy study among young Kenyan and Tanzanian children. In 2015, an estimated 438,000 people died from malaria.
ORAL HPV – if one picture is worth 10,000 words -one look at page 2585 – would prove it. Safe sex education would be greatly enhanced by such pictures.

Scientific American Mind

The March/April issue is chock full of goodies: Optimal brain diet, Autism in females, Kids can learn to cooperate, don’t overuse that pacifier and How much sex is enough! Did I whet your appetite?

The “Animal Magicians” article brings back memories. This article will give human males some ideas about dating. The great bowerbird of Australia builds an elaborate structure (it is not a nest) then sings, dances, and prances in front of his “structure” hoping to win/entice the heart of a female. Great story.

Food for Thought
In both animal and human studies, typical unhealthy Western diets appear to cause damage to the hippocampus – so not only does a poor diet lead to heightened anxiety/depression but it also leads to memory loss.

The Fantasy Advantage article discusses the importance of childhood “fantasy” and how it plays in cognitive development. No mention about such benefits for adults.

By Barry
By Barry