Featured Magazine: September 2013

Imprint Is the official publication of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).

Articles & ads focus on information that encourage success for pre-nursing/nursing students, graduates, and educators-including the best nursing educational institutions.  Each issue has a basic theme.  The regular departments/columns include “Image of Nursing”, Legislation/Education”, “Break through to nursing”, “Reflections” and all have articles based on that issue’s subject.


September/October 2012

  • “How to be successful in nursing school: what every student should know” pg. 38
  • “Back to school study tips” pg. 36

February/March 2013

  • “Playing it safe: a look at needlestick injuries” pg. 38
  • “The concept of caring”  pg. 44
  • “A prescription for well-being” pg. 33
  • “IMAGE OF NURSING (department)”  “Making the right choices”
  • LEGISLATION EDUCATION (department)” “Affordable Care Act or Obamacare? What does it really mean?”

April/May 2012

  • COMMUNITY HEALTH (department) “Shaken baby syndrome: where you fit in”  pg. 15

Online (many features that complement the print) http://www.nsna.org/Publications/Imprint.aspx.

  • The online issues flip just like the print version
  • No ads
  • Search function is available in each issue
  • Can crop a page and save or email the cropped image
  • Can be downloaded as a PDF file – with the ability to choose individual pages or the whole article
  • Can be printed – with the ability to choose individual pages or the whole article
  • A link to the online issue can emailed or shared with various social networks.

Available in print and online at the Prescott and Verde Valley campus libraries!

By Barb
By Barb