Featured Magazine: October 2015

Looking for FREE, Printable crafts? Explore the INSTRUCTOR magazine!


My student worker caught my attention the other day with an exclamation of:

Instructor-chairs“LOOK, LOOK at this idea – a stack of chairs drying rack”. (Stack it Up pg. 29 Vol 125, Issue 1, Back To School 2015)

“I just love Instructor,” she proclaimed! “I get so excited every time I see a new one! They always have the most clever ideas – things I would never think of!

Instructor-50OrganizingTricks-markers-3“Oooooo and look at this tip about creating Water Color paint”! Color Saturation (pg. 31 Vol 125, Issue 1, Back to School 2015)

“Instructor always has some new CRAFT ideas! And they share lessons that use Common CORE projects as curriculum ideas.”

“Hmmmmm, this is an interesting article about “guided reading” power tips! I love the teaching strategies & tips that different instructors share! Instructor is a great resource that helps make learning fun and accessible for everyone.” ~ Daneke Kanarian, YC Education student

Daneke piqued my curiosity, so I investigated and found many interesting articles and projects! I also noticed the section: End of the Day –always on the last page where they include various student anecdotes that made me laugh out loud!

Oh – and check out the “Free Stuff” section for Grants, Contests, & Scholarships. Plus there are “Print-Ready Resources” you can download from http://www.scholastic.com/instructor!

INSTRUCTOR comes out 6 times a year. We have online access in Ebsco’s Professional Development Collection from 05/01/1999 to the most current issue and we also have the PRINT magazine here in the Prescott Campus library: for the current 3 years.


By Barb