Constitution Day 2014

Constitution Day at the YC Libraries!

constitutionAs a government depository Yavapai College Library is mandated by the FDLP (Federal Depository Library Program) and the GPO (Government Printing Office) to educate the public on Constitution Day which is celebrated every year on Sept. 17th.
Take home some FREE GPO goodies when you visit the display at the library!

The library will celebrate Constitution Day with a display under the InfoPortal, beginning Sept 16th, that has various library materials on the subject of the constitution and the American Revolution. The InfoPortal will feature 3 educational short films regarding the constitution, 3 vintage Schoolhouse Rock videos on the Constitution, and a special PowerPoint presentation. The display will come down Sept.18.

“The Education Department outlined Tuesday how it plans to enforce a little-known provision that Congress passed in 2004: Every school and college that receives federal money must teach about the Constitution on Sept. 17, the day the document was adopted in 1787.”
The display and the InfoPortal videos are how we support that mandate.

Please come by to view our Constitution Day display and take home some free goodies provided by the Government Printing Office.