Book Review: Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs

Hi. This is my cat, Chloe. She won’t eat my eyeballs, but she may eat yours. Why would she or any other cat eat your eyeballs? This is one of many quirky yet intriguing questions regarding death. In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs, Caitlin Doughty uses her knowledge as a mortician to answer queries some of us may have about death but would not dare utter aloud. For example, ‘what if they make a mistake and bury me when I’m just in a coma?’ and ‘will I poop when I die?’
Using her expertise (NPR death expert, worldwide speaker and funeral home owner), Doughty takes real questions, mostly from kids, and answers them honestly. Her off-the-wall yet totally readable explanations offer insight and chuckles to any reader. While probably geared towards an audience that is fascinated with death, this book is for anyone. I felt there were a few questions so completely outside the box, that I wasn’t really interested in the answer. However, I learned a few things about corpses that I didn’t know before. You never know…this information may help you with trivia night at your local pub.
So, will your cat eat your eyeballs? As Caitlin Doughty states, “[Snickers McMuffin] is more likely to go for the softer, easier-access choices. Think: eyelids, lips, or tongue.” Enjoy!

By Courtney