Book Review: Pain Free at Your PC

computerPain Free at Your PC

I am recommending this important book for all of us, as using a computer should challenge your mind and not your body.

Our computers have become a large part of our daily lives both at work and at home, with problems of painful wrists, sore shoulders, stiff necks and blurry vision associated with computer use continuing to soar. There is good news that this chronic pain can easily be prevented or cured without surgery or drugs – or expensive ‘ergonomic” Equipment.

Pete Egoscue uses techniques and principles developed at his renowned clinic which are pain free. In this book you will learn how to apply the following techniques and ideas:

  • Avoid or treat common but debilitating repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Recognize and remedy problems in posture and movement before they cause pain.
  • Do easy-to-perform exercises at your desk to eliminate chronic hand, wrist, shoulder, back and neck pain.
  • Correct damaging patterns of motion quickly and easily.
  • And much more!

The exceptional layout of this book is user-friendly with important techniques and principles addressed in dark bold print and outlined in a dark bold square setting.  In conjunction with the outlined bold printed techniques are terrific illustrations to enable understanding and corrective actions.

Please take the time to browse and read through this most valuable book as it will definitely help you stay pain free. Check It Out!

By Rochelle
By Rochelle