Book Review: Natural Food That Makes You Happy

I heartily recommend this beautiful cookbook to everyone who strives for healthy, tasty foods without much work in the kitchen that is pure enjoyment.

This book illustrates 60 delicious recipes in color all with the same starting point; respect for yourself, and is the winner of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris and Beijing.

The following are some of the selections in this cookbook which has sold over 500,000 copies:

  • Natural Food That Makes You HappyFood That Makes You Happy
  • Our Western Way Of Eating
  • Good Food Combinations
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Fats
  • Keep It Practical.

Recipes include the following areas:

Quick and easy lunches, delicious vegetable dishes, surprising with cheese, from the river and the sea, shellfish and crustaceans, the golden spice: turmeric, Real meat: you can taste and feel the difference, and enjoying the occasional ‘sin’ is an art.

The author, Pascale Naessens has created a real culinary movement. People can enjoy their food again and still lose weight. Her recipes have been praised by doctors and osteopaths alike. She is a genuine cooking revelation and has topped the bestseller lists in Belgium for months. She still attends master classes taught by well-known chefs.

I can truly guarantee that after reading this terrific cookbook you will feel motivated, energized and passionate!


By Rochelle
By Rochelle