Book Review: Instant Motivation

The surprising truth behind what really drives top performance

I really love this personal growth book! Please consider this a must-read and you will reap the benefits. Instant Motivation will change how you think about what drives you to succeed. Groundbreaking new research reveals how your state of mind holds the key to your motivation, success and happiness. Compelling evidence combined with inspiring case stories and insights will unlock a powerful new mindset that will instantly boost your performance and open your eyes to what it really takes to excel.

An excerpt from chapter four titled, The Truth About Stress and Pressure emphasizes the following:

There is nothing outside of us that is inherently stressful. We only experience outside via thought. We cannot experience something as stressful if we don’t first think it. Anxious feelings are telling us about our thinking, not about our lives. It’s not about good thinking-bad thinking. It’s all thought. Mental clarity (a clear and free mind) is our natural or ‘default’ state.

The format of this book is exceptional. Chapters are introduced in large and bold headings. The sub-headings are in smaller bold type, with the content written in clear and concise print. Key points are in window format, and also in smaller bold type, including some wonderful illustrations.

“What Chantal shares will change the way you live your past, present and future forever. In a  complex world, the power of understanding that every aspect of how you experience your life is governed by your own thinking was for me an incredible life-changing realization. It impacts who I am, how I live and my personal and business successes.” – Sarah Messer, Media Director (Middle East and North Africa)

I am recommending this book to anyone and everyone!

By Rochelle
By Rochelle