Book Review: 500 Fun Little Toys

500 Fun Little Toys500 Fun Little Toys is an amazing and perfect book for knitters, crocheters, felters and sewers.

If you love crafts, you definitely will love this small book. The projects are clever, amusing and charming, and feature a variety of fun techniques. The author emphasizes using leftover fabric, odd buttons, hand stitching, embroidery and beads.

A comprehensive introductory section gives suggestions for materials and instruction for all the techniques you will need in a clear and easy to follow way that is illustrated in color. Included are troubleshooting aids and quick fixes to ensure that your little toys look perfect and remain cute. Inspirational ideas for making groups of projects include families, farm animals and everyday objects.
The following are some of the terrific projects included in this book:
• Felt cow finger puppet
• crochet airplanes mobile
• fabric grasshopper
• knit caterpillar
• crochet pizza
• fabric dollhouse
• crochet cell phone

The last section is games & fitness and includes a knit jump rope, a baby yoga mat, and knit sweatbands.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wishes the satisfaction of creating fun little toys for babies and toddlers and pre-schoolers that will enhance their quality of life.

By Rochelle
By Rochelle