Patsy’s Art Corner: Metal Sculpture

Are you interested in Metal Sculpture?

Yavapai College Library has a number of wonderful sources of information for you!

 by Donna Z. Meilach

  • A comprehensive study of many approaches to direct metal sculpting.
  • Learn to shape metal directly using welding equipment, acetylene torches and other tools.
  • Includes step-by step photos for creating your own sculpture.



       SCULPTING IN WIRE by Cathy Milessculpting-in-wire

  • Geared to beginners.
  • Includes 6 projects that increase in difficulty – from using wire and pliers to adding other materials and soldering.
  • Clear step-by-step images of the sculpting processes.





  • A well-known American sculptor discusses basic tools and techniques.
  • Includes illustrations of creative solutions to design problems.
  • Appeals to many levels of accomplishment.


is an exciting magazine, held at the Prescott Campus library, encompassing the best in contemporary work in metals—including jewelry and sculpture of all sizes and metals. Volume 33, issue 3 features an article entitled “Forging On: America’s Women Blacksmiths” by Ana Lopez . Among the interesting articles, you will find information regarding metalworking tools, jewelry shows, and contests.

Let me introduce you to one of YC’s top-notch art instructors, Cindy DeCecco.

cindy dececcoCindy teaches sculpture classes – involving almost any type of 3-dimensional art that can be found.  She was born in Tacoma, Washington, and her dad was in the air force, so they lived all over the country.  She is an only child, and growing up in the rainy northwest, she found making art was the perfect indoor activity.  From an early age Cindy loved 3-dimensional art.  Her grandmother, who worked with the designers at Catalina sewing samples, passed along her knowledge and talents to her granddaughter.

Cindy graduated from high school at age 16 – having taken every art course the school offered – and she went to Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where she received her Bachelor’s degree at age 20.   While in Portland State, Cindy was a work-study student for the Portland Center for Visual Arts, where she was able to meet and study world-famous artists.  She also met her future husband, Harv Wardwell, there.  After college, she exhibited her sculptures for 15 years and did commission work.

“Nascent” – Copper and Clam shell
“Nascent” – Copper and Clam shell
inspired by the concept of “capturing” an idea.

At the end of that time, she went back to school for her Master’s degree at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas, where she lived with an aunt who had a ranch there. Pittsburg State was where she learned welding in copper, which she has put to wonderfully creative use, both personally and in teaching at Yavapai College.  After having taught 4 years at Portland Community College, the art faculty position at YC became available, and fortunately for us she was hired in 2000.

One of the major influences in Cindy’s life was an instructor at Pittsburg State named Marjorie Schick, who works in papier-mache jewelry.  Our library has a book of Schick’s entitled “Sculpture to Wear : the jewelry of Marjorie Schick.”

Cindy is currently working on a large cement sculpture which is scheduled to be in the faculty art show. The opening is on September 27th here at the college art gallery.  She stated that her goal as an instructor here is to help developing artists to discover their own path.



By Patsy
By Patsy