Adopt A Vine

This month’s spotlight is on the Adopt-A-Vine program sponsored by the YC Foundation.

It was created in the spring of 2012 to help support the Southwest Wine Center. The money is directly reinvested in the Southwest Wine Center to help with future vine plantings. So far, there have been 650 vines adopted from the grape varietal tempranillo. The next varietal to be adopted is the Sangiovese.

For those interested, the next planting of vines is May 3rd, 2014. Individuals may either plant a new vine or adopt one that has already been planted. The price of adoption of the vines is as follows: 1 vine- $20, 3 vines-$55, 6 vines-$100, half a row-$1250, and an entire row $2500. What a wonderful way to remember and honor someone! Adopt-a-vine

For more information about vineyards and wines, please visit the Yavapai College Libraries and check out some of the amazing resources!

By Sophia
By Sophia