Travel Books for Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner—what will you do to invigorate yourself to end the semester with a punch?!

Everyone looks forward to Spring Break and here at the library we are no exception. On the shelves you can find myriad books on ideas for spending a memorable and rejuvenating Spring Break. If armchair travel is your forte or you plan to hit the pavement and get out of Dodge, the stacks hold something for you.




springbreak-2014-pic1 springbreak-2014-pic5

Included in this post are books for exploring not-so-far-away destinations—our neighboring state of New Mexico, included as several staff members are finding their way east for the holiday.

Remember that camping and hiking are enjoyable and affordable pursuits that are as equally rewarding with children or friends.

springbreak-2014-pic6Tossed in is a travel book on Kauai as the Nepali Coast is always a draw. And what finer way to spend a spring holiday than in the 80 degree sunshine of our 49th state, on the rugged shoreline of this beautiful island?

Dream big, whet your appetite doing a little research, and get out there and choose something to do or someplace fun to visit. You’ll always have the memories, which is what great experiences are all about. Enjoy!

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