In the News this Week: Plastic Poop

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Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that may end up living in your gut. A new study shows that participants across Europe and Asia average 20 particles per every 3.5 ounces of stool.

How do these particles make it into your system? Researchers say from food packaging, drinking out of plastic bottles and eating seafood. More than 95 percent of the microplastics come from food packaging and storing.

The call to end single-use plastics is making its way around the media. A lot of these plastics end up in the ocean. While it is too soon to tell how these microplastics will affect humans, it would be wise to find alternatives to plastic use.

See the impact of plastic in our oceans, and check out ways you can help.

Is there plastic in your poop? New study on microplastics in stool raises concerns.









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